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#CHIZZLE ®™ Biography

Madchyld started rapping early in grade school and was pretty good at it according to some of his friends. Then Madchyld started taking it to the playground battle rapping, and dissin' cats on the playground. But...his love for words started when he was probably in the 1st grade, sometime after he had been forced to write his first poem. Then he started writing everything down that he could spell, making them rhyme one line after another. Years later, after being a serious rap fan as a child, he started rapping....A MADCHYLD was born.

Influences - "I grew up listening to a lot of east coast/up north music, PERIOD. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but something happened to my parents when I was a child that caused my grandmother to have to take custody of me where I lived with her in Callahan, FL and went bacx and forth between New York to visit my family, Jacksonville and Callahan so....I love the south but because of my east coast upbringing in music I call my style southeastern because I kind of sound like I am from New York when I rap but was born and raised in the south, or northeast Florida. There weren't many down south influences when I started rapping, just a real big east coast flow/up north surge. I grew up on everything from Kool G Rap to Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, LL, Kwame, MC Lyte, EPMD, Erik B. and Rakim, etcetera, etcetera and the list goes on and on but don't get it twisted though, I am from the bang 'em and I will always and forever represent that "904"....ALL DAY EVERYDAY".

The Best Alive - .. Regardless of who your favorite rapper is, I feel I am the best rapper alive, PERIOD! I can't and I won't bacx down from anyone or any rapper that wants to go toe to toe. I'm a lyricist and this here is what I do, so if you want your feelings or your pride crushed, then go ahead and step in that water but beware....there's a full size adult gator in it that will lyrically death roll your ass if you get in but the difference is...YOU CANT HOLD ME OR KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT...

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