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New Release

Shankie Mr. 16 Bars has returned again with a new mixtape and his competition killing lyrics on Lamboghini Thoughts, which is vol II of his Streets On Me series. Read More...

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Calling "ALL" Artists

Cyndicate Records partner company and promotion company operated and ran by Miss Naskar Archie, will be looking for more artists to engage with and plan more business with for the upcoming fall. Contact Us today to find out what the hype is about. Read More...

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Cyndicate Records A&R Network


I am an A&R at Record Union and would like to recruit you into my A&R network. As an A&R I can offer you a special deal on digital distribution and help you get your music on all the major online music services. Also as part of being a part of my A&R network I will market you as an artist and or Official Cyndicate Records label affiliate on www.cyndicaterecords.com and much more. Look at this offer and read over everything at www.recordunion.com before signing up. You must sign up through our email invitation, or if you want to sign up from the website after reading the offer, use my A&R Code:HC@cr2099$ to join my team and Network and if you have to, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have by email to Production@CyndicateRecords.com.

Madchyld EP

#BOYYYSTOPPP!!! EP available for download on iTunes Here
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Newest Releases

Chizzle feat. Shank - Money Make The World Go 'Round
iTunes Chizzle feat. Shank - Money Make The World Go 'Round. Listen Here
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